• Aircraft
    • Weight: 14lbs
    • Height: 27”
    • Length: 76”
    • Wingspan: 67”
    • Power Plant: Eflite Power 90 Brushless (electric)‏
    • Prop Size: 17” x 10”e
    • Run Time: 30-45 minutes
    • Max Altitude: 22,000 feet (based on donor FQM-117 specifications)
    • Battery:
      • Type: 6-Cell/6S 20C Pro Lite V2 LiPo
      • Quantity: 2
      • Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer
      • Voltage: 22.2V
      • Capacity: 5000mAH
    • Autopilot: Ardupilot w/XBee-PRO 50mW 900MHz RF for telemetry
  • Payload
    • Platform:Via Epia PX5000EG Pico ITX PC (500mhz via C7, 1 GB Ram)
    • OS: Backtrack 5
    • Wireless: Ettus Research Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP) version 1 modified for external clock with 2 x RFX900 daughterboards & 1 Watt Alpha Networks AWUS036H Wi-Fi w/ 9dbi patch panel antenna mounted on bottom of plane.
    • Comms: XBee-PRO 50mW 900 MHz and USB 4g Dongle
  • Ground Station
    • Form Factor: 6″x8″x3″ Project Box
    • Platform: Gumstix Overo Earth on a Chestnut43
    • OS: Overo
    • Display: 4.3″ Touchscreen
    • Comms: XBee-PRO 50mW 900 MHz
    • Wireless: Asus WL-330GE access point
    • Telemetry Hardware: DIY Drones “ArduStation” receiver unit w/ XBee-PRO 50mW 900MHz
  • Uplink: Aircraft up-link via Ground Station connections  or through the internet via 4g Cellular .
•Small Scale, Open Source UAV using off the shelf components
•Designed as a vehicle to project Cyber-offensive and defensive capabilities, as well as visual / electronic surveillance over distance cheaply and with little risk.
•Modular Payloads for varied mission needs (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GSM, Imaging, etc)‏
•Integrated ground station for real time tracking, payload interaction, flight operations, data download.
•Off-airframe large scale high performance computational power via secure communications channels over 900MHz RF, Wi-Fi, Cellular Data Network (Edge and 4G).
•Man portable
•Low Cost to build and operate.

19 Responses to Specifications

  1. jninjadud says:

    I love the WASP

    i was just woundering how much making the whole thing and buying all the equipment cost you?

  2. blanknull says:

    Nice… I wonder if you have though about adding a few more camera’s doing off-airframe face recognition?

    • RedQueen says:

      We have talked about similar things but because of the limitations of the imaging hardware (cost, size and weight) we felt that face recognition would probably lend itself to a more stationary platform. Perhaps a quad or heli?

      That might also give a “perch and stare” capability.

  3. klaus says:

    Great project… could you be a bit more specific on the Universal Serial Radio Peripheral (USRP)? Any links, futher info are apprechiated.


  4. BinaryLinux says:

    Great project. I’m interested in trying it. Some day I will… lol

    Correct me if I’m wrong, you connect from the Ground Station to the plane’s Wireless Card and with a remote protocol, you can access the computer on the plane and then do your evil bidding. How far can this connection last?

    Again, awesome project. I bow down to you guys.

    • WhiteQueen says:

      We use the wireless card for sniffing traffic or for attacking wireless networks. The ground to airplane communication link is via a pair of XBee Pros. They claim 6 mile range but in reality with these antennas, it’s more like 1-1.5 mile line of sight.

  5. ee_senior says:

    I am considering duplicating this project on a much smaller scale for my senior design project.

    Before I get too involved, could you share some advice with me about taking on a project like this?

    I haven’t recruited anyone to help me yet so I may be doing it by myself. I also only have about 160 hours to spend on it and I have a small budget (~1k).

    Any advice or even the ability to correspond with you would be great…many thanks.

  6. Buggs says:

    Great project. Have you looked at using Gumstix on the Payload instead of the Via Epia PX5000eg? I am looking to do something similar with BackTrack on Gumstix.

  7. tarlex21 says:

    yes I am impressed by your system. but I want to get the project how much is it the product, how do I get a thank you I am in Cameroon

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