After a long winter’s nap… the Rabbit-Hole stirs

Greetz internetz!!!  After what was a waaaay too long break I wanted to give you a sneak peek into some of the upcoming fun to be had here in the Rabbit Hole.

Playing with sound:

Wonder where this little project is leading?…  So do we, but I bet whatever it is is going to fly.  This little Arduino project uses the Ping ultrasonic sensor and serial output to take measurments at set intervals throughout a 180 degree arc and render a simulated picture of the surrounding area using sound.  Pretty fun stuff.



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ShmooCon 2012 – Brendan O’Connor Talks about Sacrificial Computing for Land and Sky


Today at Shmoo, Brandon O’Connor will be making a great presentation on his evolution of disposable cyber-weaponry.  If you are in DC…  go go go…  what are you waiting for?



Sacrificial Computing for Land and Sky – Brendan O’Connor

Projects such as the incredible Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform give you the ability to monitor or attack networks far from accessible areas, but are limited by their deployment characteristics: $6000+ buys you just 10-30 minutes on target, and you have simultaneously to do your work and defend the physical plane from Bad Men With Projectile Weapons, lest they take exception to your plans. Disposable computing designed for just one use can provide massive reductions in cost and time to deployment without sacrificing flexibility; we show how $50-$75 can give you upwards of 24 hours to work on a task, while using only off-the-shelf hardware, and leaving no data onsite for an adversary to analyze after the operation. These computers can then be planted manually, or even dropped from unspecialized UAVs (such as the Parrot Drone) to allow your expensive plane to return to safety while you do your work.

Brendan is a geek of many trades: violin, ham radio, civil rights, and privacy. After growing up in Montana and finishing two degrees at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD, he did DARPA research for a time in Arlington, VA, before leaving to found his own consultancy, Malice Afterthought. More recently, after spending six months teaching information warfare for the DoD in 2011, he decided to attend law school at the University of Wisconsin in Madison; he is currently a first-year student. He lives and works with his two cats, Lysistrata and Deus Ex Machina.


Thanks for the kind words Brendan 🙂  We wish we were there to hear the talk!

Cheers from the Rabbit-Hole!

Mike & Rich


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DEFCON 19 Presentations Posted

Missed DEFCON 19? Follow the link above to check to see what you missed.

See everyone at DEFCON20!


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That’s right the boys from Rabbit-Hole are going to be on the show.

The show notes are here.
Watch the show live at

I hope I have enough beer in the fridge.

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Still alive

Yes, Red and I are still alive. We have not been very active on Rabbit-Hole, or the with the Vespid project since we have both recently started new jobs. It’s been a very busy time for us both.

Currently I’m here in Louisville, Ky checking out DerbyCon.
The hardware hacking village is small,and run by a local hacker space called Lvl1 …nice folks with a flame throwing pony named Butterscotch. Awesome!
The HHV is co-located with the lockpiciking village. The folks from FOOLS are here, that’s Fraternal Order Of Locksport. I also saw Deviant from tool setting up shop. Watching someone pick their first lock always brings a smile to my face.

There are only 3 tracks, making this a relatively small con, but there a some pretty big names presenting, Kevin Mitnick, Johnny Long, Vivek Ramachandran, and Dave Kennedy just to name a few.

Being the first year of this hacker convention, I think they wanted to keep it small. I’m enjoying myself here and will be coming back in the years to come.

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