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Secure that hotel wi-fi with a low-tier, no-cost home VPN

If you spend any time at all using unencrypted wi-fi networks at hotels and coffee shops, you need a VPN. Those connections are fine for reading news headlines and checking sports scores, but cannot be considered safe for e-mail, online … Continue reading

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How difficult is it to guess your password?

The math is really simple. The odds of guessing a given password are 1 in x, where x is the character set of the password, to the power of the password’s length. So what’s the number for the character set? … Continue reading

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So why are Apple and Google (and Microsoft) tracking us?

So what are Google and Apple doing with this location data that’s been all over the news for the past 10 or so days? And Microsoft, now that it’s clear they’re gathering it too (but they claim they aren’t storing … Continue reading

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Don’t use Internet Explorer this Christmas

In case you haven’t heard elsewhere, there’s a nifty unpatched vulnerability for Internet Explorer floating around. And it’s actively being exploited. Metasploit, an exploit toolkit used by penetration testers and script kiddies alike, is able to detect and utilize it. … Continue reading

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Mobile security for road warriors: An introduction

I don’t even remember what we were talking about when WhiteQueen blurted out, “You wouldn’t believe what people look at over hotel wi-fi connections.” Given the things people will view at work, in spite of the rules, I’m not sure … Continue reading

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