GeneralThe Vespid Has a New Home!!!

December 12, 2014by RedQueen

Big news from the Rabbit Hole!

As of a few weeks ago, our favorite little drone has found a new home at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC!   The intrepid little yellow fellow is now perched in a lofty piece or premium real estate at the very entrance of the Spy Museum.

Vespid @ Spy Museum
Vespid in its new home at the International Spy Museum













As you can probably guess…  we are super excited that the Vespid has found a home there amongst such important espionage artifacts.  I mean really, it’s hanging next to a car from a JAMES BOND film!!!  How cool is that?

Anyway, we can not thank the wonderful folks at the Spy Museum enough for their gracious offer to accept the plane into their collection.  Dr. Houghton and the whole staff of great folks there at the museum are a ton a fun and host the best museum in DC!

So if you find yourself in the Washington, DC area and want to experience a fantastic time while learning what it is to be a spy, checking out artifacts from spies gone by, trying your hand at cracking encryption codes, checking out all kinds of the coolest spy “gadgets” or buying your own killer spy arsenal from a gift shop that reminds me of Q’s closet…  the International Spy Museum ( should be on your list.

Seriously…  what are you waiting for…  go now!  And wave to the little yellow drone as you walk in