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April 27, 2013by RedQueen2

Greetings inhabitants of Wonderland!

Well a few more weeks and a few third degree burns later, Red is back in the saddle and continuing to learn the hexacopter.  So far I’ve been slow rolling the shift from fixed wing to the copter because of time (packing to move) and work.  With the Vespid, our focus was so heavily concentrated on the payload that we didn’t get nearly the time to be as comfortable with the airplane as we would have liked.  With this iteration we wanted to take the time to get really proficient with the APM functionality before shifting the focus to the payload (although I know you will like it when you see it).

Feeling pretty comfortable with stabilize mode and getting a little more brave.  Testing out Loiter Mode in this video.  The copter is maintaining altitude and position automatically and, as you can see, is remarkably stable given the slight wind.

The screen caps in the vid are of the log replay from the Mission Planner application, which I think works great!  Just remember that if you don’t have an internet connection at the field, use the planner to zoom in on the area you are flying in to cache the imagery of your test area.  Otherwise you will not be able to effectively use some of the functionality that makes it so cool.

Today is a bit too windy and with weather moving in tonight, moving on to testing Guided Mode will have to wait for another day.  Me = Sad

So far I must say that the folks at DIYDrones have come a long…  long way from the Ardupilot we used on the Vespid.  Chris and the development team have really done some wonderful work with the APM 2.5.  And with the addition of the enhanced Mission Planner application, the barrier for entry for those not blessed with coding or R/C experience is significantly lower.


  • NEspinoza

    April 28, 2013 at 10:34 am

    Hey Mike,

    I tried to get in touch by email but didn’t get a response.

    We in the Cyber Security & Intelligence Group at Fordham University
    find you both as great inspirations to innovative work. We think that
    both your team and ours have met at an intersection of interests and

    We noted that on March 9th, 2013 your team had begun work on another
    evolution of the WASP project. My colleague, Cody Brown and I
    started a project, Bridging and Observing Wireless Services for
    Electronic Reconnaissance (BOWSER) in December of 2012. Our project,
    organized through Fordham’s Computer and Information Science
    department, is a quadcopter UAV with an additional on-board single
    board computer for pen testing purposes. So far, we’ve conducted a
    range of systems tests, and some data gathering.

    Our projects have the likelihood of being strikingly similar, based on
    your latest blog posts. We’re writing today to see if either of you
    are interested in working collaboratively on these projects. We are
    still in the process of parsing data but are happy to send along our
    current paper as it stands and would really appreciate chatting more!

    Nick, Cody

    • RedQueen

      April 28, 2013 at 12:43 pm

      Hey Nick & Cody,

      Sorry I missed your first mail. I just sent you guys an email with some contact info. Its always good to talk to folks doing similar things and we’d love to hear how things are coming along for you guys.


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