Build ProgressGeneralOne propeller just wasn’t enough

March 9, 2013by RedQueen

So big news for the Rabbit Hole…  White and I have been very busy in RL lately and haven’t gotten to play with our toys as much as we would like to.  After what was a way too long break from playing with dangerous flying robots, I have once again begun the process of sleep deprivation and coffee with another “Dude…  we gotta try this”.

We have added a multicopter to the mix (see video of my terrible pilot skillz).  Over the next few months I will update the build progress and some of the “secret sauce” that we add to spice up the recipe.

Thanks to the guys at 3D Robotics (who are awesome by the way) we have a brand spanking new Hexa-B hexacopter

Get your own here:  (seriously..  do it now)

Below is the video of the first real flight outside of being tethered in my garage.  I’m impressed at how well the thing flew right out of the box.

A couple more weekends of serious practice and tuning and we’ll be ready to take the next steps.