The Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform has landed

In Las Vegas Nevada that is.  After a mostly uneventful drive from Illinois to Nevada, we arrived almost completely intact. The car windshield has a new crack, thanks to a mud covered pickup truck dropping baseball size chunks of mud, rocks and gunk onto the highway in front of us. The voltage regulator on the ArduStation appears to have vibrated right off the circuit board. A quick trip to Fry’s to purchase a soldering iron and some solder has everything running in tip top shape.

Yes I know, I should have brought my soldering iron from home. It’s always the little things you take for granted. Maybe next year, I will just rent a U-Haul and transplant my entire workshop into the back of the truck.


About WhiteQueen

An avid radio control enthusiast and a senior security engineer supporting the U.S. Government. He has had a 20 year Information Technology career including programming, Enterprise Administration, and Information Security. Hobbies include hiking, SCUBA diving, R/C, computers and electronics, as well as a penchant for voiding warranties.
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