Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform-DEFCON19


Our speaker listing has been posted on the DEFCON19 website.

Tired of theory? This session has everything you want, big yellow aircraft flown by computers, pounds of highly volatile chemicals, CUDA, 50 Amp electrical circuits and the ability to attack networks, systems and cell phones interactively from a remote location anywhere in the world. We will demonstrate a fully functional open source autonomous aerial wireless hacking platform and explain how to pwn the friendly skies. The talk will cover actual construction and components of the aircraft itself and its mission support systems. From start to finish, we will discuss design concepts, lessons learned and potential pitfalls.

We hope to see you there.


About WhiteQueen

An avid radio control enthusiast and a senior security engineer supporting the U.S. Government. He has had a 20 year Information Technology career including programming, Enterprise Administration, and Information Security. Hobbies include hiking, SCUBA diving, R/C, computers and electronics, as well as a penchant for voiding warranties.
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