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June 23, 2011by WhiteQueen

No, we have not gone into hibernation. The DEFCON19 deadline for presentation materials to make it onto the CD is June 24. Red and I have been working almost non-stop over the last week to make that deadline.

Most of Saturday and Sunday was spent turning our submission outline and abstract into a rough version of our presentation slides. I have lost count of the hours we spent rewording, reordering, and generally tweaking the slides.

Using several white drop clothes, and halogen work lights, I turned my garage into a makeshift photo studio, in order to take some better photos of the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform and it’s various components. Red, being the graphics maestro he is, spent a great deal of time creating overlays, underlays, polish and images to include on the slides.

We are both very pleased and proud of the end result and tonight after one more review the slides should be finalized, and submitted before the deadline.

We hope to see you at the con.