GeneralAerial Cyber Apocalypse: If we can do it… they can too.

June 10, 2011by WhiteQueen

That is the title for our BlackHat 2011 presentation. Round 2 of the speaker selections has been published, and with it our abstract.

What could a low observable autonomous aircraft carrying 10 pounds of cyber-attack tools do to your organization’s networks, your Nations critical infrastructure or worse if it were carrying something unspeakable, what would that do to expectations of public safety ?

It’s quiet, cheap, and able to be built in a garage using hand tools, but it packs a wallop like it was built in the Skunk Works. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles used to be the exclusive realm of governments and universities, requiring unique skills and a fat wallet to make them work effectively. We will show you how today anyone can build their own autonomous UAV that delivers a payload to any point on earth from a remote location using free and open source technology at a fraction of the cost of the bolt that holds the nose wheel on a Predator. Morals and consequences not included.

Our presentation will focus on the development and demonstration of our own autonomous UAV and the cyber-weaponry hanging under the wings. We will discuss the construction of the aircraft and support systems, design philosophy and cost. We will explain and demonstrate the capabilities of our on-board payloads, such as: attacking wireless systems, creating rogue access points or hijacking cellular phone calls. We will elaborate the ramifications and explore the threat posed by these types of systems to industry and the governments worldwide.