Build ProgressThe Base Station has landed

June 9, 2011by WhiteQueen

I finally finished assembling the new base station.
The new base station has a gumstix Overo at its core, with a 4.3″ touch screen interface. The gumstix provides the routing tables, the dhcp server for the wireless access point, and the Xbee connection to the airplane. This allows any standard wireless capable device with a terminal to easily connect directly to the payload on the UAV. The USB ports along the front allow a keyboard and mouse to be plugged in so the base station can also be used as a terminal.

Telemetry data is received and displayed via the ArduStation mounted into the top of the base station.

6″x8″x3″ Project Box
Platform: Gumstix Overo Earth on a Chestnut43 OS: Overo Display: 4.3″ Touchscreen
Comms: XBee-PRO 50mW 900 MHz Wireless: Asus WL-330GE access point
Telemetry Hardware: DIY Drones “ArduStation” receiver unit w/ XBee-PRO 50mW 900MHz