Build ProgressWhite has been a busy boy.

June 4, 2011by RedQueen

If you were smart, you would have bought stock in the manufacturer of cutoff wheels for Dremel tools this last week.  White, being the master of all things Dremel, has been hard at work fitting and cutting the project box to fit all of the various component parts (shown below) into our new ground station console.  You can see the Ardustation screen mocked up in the box in the photos.  The Ardustation is the ground telemetry receiver which receives positioning and attitude information from the UAV and displays on the LCD on top of the box.

Base Station V2 Guts

This version of the base station will be sporting less wires, a smaller processor and an integrated touchscreen LCD (the green rectangle is the position of the new screen).  The base station will provide wireless connectivity for more than 200 of our closest friends through the up-link to the UAV and provide status and graphical output from on airframe tools to the LCD.

Spiffy.. isn’t it?