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May 30, 2011by RedQueen

Yo Dawg.

“Yo dawg.  We heard that when it comes to the internet, you like to fly.  So we put 4G broadband in your plane so you can fly… while you fly!”

On a serious note, we wanted to be able to move more data off-airframe faster to support multiple simultaneous connections and the ability to do more real-time streaming of data, voice and video as our payloads mature.  We agreed that the cost of 4G dongles had decreased to the point that it made sense to upgrade.

Simple matter of following some directions and making modifications to them to match the device model we purchased.  Our BT5 install on the payload system had most of what we needed already, the repos had the rest.  Easysauce.

Once the connection was up it was smooth sailing.  Our payload can now be directly controlled over the internet from anywhere in the world at much higher speeds than before.