Build ProgressA $60 mistake

May 16, 2011by WhiteQueen

So I was working on the new base station this weekend, mostly scavenging the old one for parts, when I realized I had a voltage issue in the new base station. All of the old components ran on a PC power supply, and the ArduStation was powered off the 12 rail.

The new base station doesn’t have a 12v source as everything is 5v except the ArduStation. I remembered the ArduStation has a 5v tap for powering external devices. Well hell, I’ll just use a 12v power supply connected to the ArduStation and use its 5v taps to power the Gumstic, USB hub, XBee, and Wi-Fi AP.

In hindsight, that is a LOT of power draw through the ArduStation.

A new ArduStation has been ordered and will hopefully be here soon.