Build ProgressAmperage and Motors

September 16, 2010by WhiteQueen

As part of the effort to improve the flight characteristics of the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform even more, I ordered and just received a Watt Meter.

This is a MUST have if you are planning to use an electric motor to power your UAV.
You put this device inline between your battery pack and the ESC, and then run the motor up to full throttle, with your chosen propeller (strap down the aircraft please). The watt meter will show you the amperage being drawn by the speed controller/motor. You can then compare the amperage being drawn by the motor to the specification of the motor, and find out if you are over/under utilizing your motor and adjust your propeller size accordingly.

Another benefit, is you can place this between the battery and your payload to determine how much power your payload is utilizing. Very good for calculating total power loading.

Once I have some time to clean up the workshop(i.e. garage), I will be posting the amperage numbers for the E-flite 90 running a 16×8 standard prop. I have a 17x10e propeller on order that I suspect may help theĀ UAV get airborne with more grace.