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September 8, 2010by RedQueen1

Wow, I’m excited about the changes.  Looking forward to a little more interactive place to share the things we are up to in the rabbit hole.  In the coming weeks I’ll be posting more on our progress in tweaking the Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform version 1 to fly a little less like a pregnant rhino, and give you some spoils on what the next thing we will be cooking up will be.

Right now we are hard at work cutting, shaping and moving heavy things around the airframe.  Less nose, less weight and better balance is in the future.  Being that neither White nor myself are aero-guys…   we are largely flying by the seat of our pants and the advice of real pilots on the flight characteristics, so I’m sure we will provide lots of funny for the money.

GSM capability is looking good, a little more time and money 🙂  More to come…..

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  • techwriter

    September 10, 2010 at 1:17 am

    Well, Mr. Carpenter, may we never need to say, “WASP barada nikto.”

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