What We Do

Infosec Program

Helping to create resilient and effective cybersecuirty processes to proactively identify risk, protect assets, and defend against threats.

Infosec Staff Training

Traing internal security staff to think like a hacker and identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited.

Cyber Exercises

Delivering full-scale cybersecurity exercises to bring together all the moving parts in comprehensive simulated attacks to test readiness and identify weaknesses.

Who We Are

Mike Tassey "RedQueen"

Mike is a security researcher, penetration tester, drone pilot, and consutant. 20 years in the industry, breaking conventions, annoying telecoms, and welcoming our new robotic overlords.

Rich Perkins "WhiteQueen"

Rich is a recovering developer, security expert, and radio wizard with nearly 30 years breaking systems, hacking the Gibson, and building cutting edge flying hacking robots.